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What makes you weird? Well, whatever it is, it makes you who you are and that's what #WeirdMYAH is all about! 

My name is Myah Naomi Lipscomb and I am the Creator, Executive Producer, co-writer and lead actress of the original comedy series, #WeirdMYAH.  Over the past year and a half, I have worked with talented filmmakers and actors  to develop a five episode web-based miniseries  and 30 minute episode of the show! This 30 minute episode, #photobomb  , was an official selection of the 2018 Nashville Film Festival and National Black Film Festival, where it won Best TV Pilot. 

Let's talk a bit about the show! #WeirdMYAH is a story about Myah Bridges, a student at the historically black , Lloyd University.  She struggles to overcome the conflicts in her problematic life, created by the stress of college, lack of income, and her social awkwardness. Overtime, Myah learns to deal with her uniqueness by embracing her individuality, but her quest for normalcy has its obstacles. It turns out, being "weird" is not something that can easily be escaped. 

We are now in development of the full length series to pitch to major television platforms and on a journey to bring back family friendly comedies that highlight people of color in a positive way!  Your donations will go towards this endeavor, but more immediately, the production of the exclusive episode in collaboration with the #1 historical black college and university brand, HBCU Pride Nation  . This episode will be apart of an upcoming HBCU college tour to be screened at universities nationally! This opportunity is so important to us because not only does it help us expand the brand, but it also affords us the opportunity to impact a generation and positively represent a culture. 

All members of my cast and crew are supporters of this vision and dream and have been working on a pro bono basis.  I would love to provide a stipend for their time and hard work along with have funds to assist with equipment rentals, travel costs for cast who no longer are local, location fees, craft services, and other expenses that would take this project from great to exceptional!

Whatever amount you are able give would be greatly appreciated and we will be sure to acknowledge your contribution and support! We want this process to be fun and a collaborative effort! We will be showcasing this process start to finish and want to interact with you all along the way. 

The #WeirdMYAH team is comprised of talented, driven, and passionate individuals who are all working towards a common goal of taking this show to the next level! If you're ready to see content similar to the shows we grew up with like A Different World and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, please donate today!! 

Thank you!

Myah Naomi  Lipscomb
Creator, Executive Producer