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#WeirdMYAH is a television comedy about Myah Bridges, a student at the historically black , Lloyd University. She struggles to overcome the conflicts in her problematic life, created by the stress of college, lack of income, and her social awkwardness. Overtime, Myah learns to deal with her uniqueness by embracing her individuality, but her quest for normalcy has its obstacles.

The #WeirdMYAH team has produced of a five episode long miniseries which serves as a quick glimpse into Myah’s world, while introducing the main characters and providing a snippet of the story line. It is a series of entertaining situational shorts in hopes of attracting an audience, fan base, and support for the future of the show. An exclusive full length episode, #photobomb, is now an official selection of the National Black Film Festival in Houston, Texas and the Nashville Film Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. This episode recently won "Best TV Pilot" at the National Black Film Festival. 

Watch episodes 1 through 5 of the miniseries now and stay tuned for upcoming content!!! Keep up with the cast and series updates on our Instagram @weirdmyah

Season one of the original series of #WeirdMYAH consists of a pilot along with eleven additional episodes.  In this series, Myah navigates how the world sees her and how she sees herself...just plain weird! All Myah wants is to make everything right and start fresh sophomore year. Despite her seemingly harmless attempts to just fit in, she is faced with the fact that being weird is not something you can easily escape.