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The world of #WeirdMYAH takes place on the campus of Lloyd University, an historically black institution, and follows the story of Myah Bridges, the campus #weird girl.  She unintentionally draws attention to herself, attracts the most absurd situations, and falls in the depths of all things weird because of the habitual lies she tells to appear more normal. Whatever that is. The theme of this series is to understand that we all have something weird about us that makes us special. Unfortunately for Myah, it takes her entire undergraduate career to fully figure that out.


The #WeirdMYAH team has produced a five episode long miniseries which serves as a quick glimpse into Myah’s world, while introducing the main characters and providing a snippet of the story line. In 2018, an exclusive full length episode, #photobomb, was an official selection of the National Black Film Festival in Houston, Texas and the Nashville Film Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. This episode won "Best TV Pilot" at the 2018 National Black Film Festival. 


Season one of the full length television series of #WeirdMYAH consists of a pilot along with twelve additional episodes.  In this series, Myah navigates how the world sees her and how she sees herself...just plain weird!

After withholding the truth and simultaneously pretending to be someone else freshman year, Myah Bridges has to own up to her mistakes and come clean. However, the whole #WeirdMYAH going viral situation does the work for her quite effortlessly. Awkward? Yes. Embarrassing? Incredibly. So, how can she keep this cloud of weird from showering over her sophomore year and college reputation? Let’s just say the madness unfolds each semester proving that it is best to just own your weird and be yourself. The truth is, we all are a bit weird. Right?

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The tone is fun, lighthearted, and incredibly relatable. If you don’t directly identify with Myah, wanting to just fit more in and stand a little less out,  you will surely meet a character who just may be your soulmate. Whether it is the sorority and student body president who hides insecurity behind her accolades, or the overzealous outcast who rocks suspenders with pride, there is someone for everyone.  The cinematography is bright with vidid colors that pop out of the screen and style is a creative mix fit for the technologically and socially savvy, with the perfect dose of #melaninpoppin.  It promotes messages of self-love, unapologetic individuality, and the importance of walking in your truth, while highlighting black youth and HBCU culture in an empowering and innovative way. #WeirdMYAH is positive and family-friendly which makes it perfect for all ages.


Watch episodes 1 through 5 of the miniseries and the full length “#photobomb” episode! Stay tuned for upcoming content and keep up with the cast and series by following us on Instagram! @weirdmyah