Blossom, baby!

Friday, June 14, 2017


A little known fact is that I have a B.S. degree in Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Medicine and I used to work as a veterinary assistant. Two years later I went after my passion.  I started my M.F.A. degree in film and continued to teach myself about cameras and editing.  I created my own show and actually made a miniseries version! I took a leap of faith. Now i'm in LA pushing this dream even more. It's scary, but I know its all worth it. 

Most know me as a super positive and encouraging person. Always motivating and trying to shine a light! That's me basically but I would not be honest if I said that moments of doubt and pessimism didn't sneak up on me. It's human, natural, and apart of the growth process. 

I'm in a new city, far from home, and out of my comfort zone. Some days I question why I'm even doing this craziness, but then I remember these big dreams and my reason for believing in them. 

Whatever season you may be in on this journey towards your destiny remember that it won't always be a smooth or steady path, it rarely is.  But find appreciation in the process and your development. Before long you'll be blossoming!!! 




Mind x body x soul

Wednesday, June 12, 2017

On Monday, June 9th I decided to take on this challenge which I rather lazily have named the "Mind, Body, and Soul Challenge." I probably could have been more creative, but it will suffice. You can call yours whatever you like (get fancy with it!), but what you actually do for the challenge is more important anyway. 

This challenge has no timespan, dates, or deadlines, it is just a decision to make a conscious effort to live your best life, daily.  It doesn't really have any rules either. The point is to set goals and make a habit out of keeping them. 

I've come up with some areas of focus in each category that I want to strengthen and stay consistent with. I will share mine with you and I hope that this inspires you to start a unique self-renewal challenge of your own!


  • Find a good book/audiobook/e-book/article (or two, or four) and READ/LISTEN! (a little [or a lot] each day!)
  • Work on my brand and EXECUTE!
  • WRITE (journal, blog posts, my book, my scripts, my goals!!)
  • Replace music with TED Talks/Podcasts for car rides (I just listen to the same songs anyway, might as well switch it up!)
  • Replace typically music with music in another language for workouts (I LOVE Latin and African music!) 


  • WORKOUT twice a day! (but at least once, life happens) 
  • PLAN my meals
  • HEALTHY, HEALTHY, HEALTHY diet! (occasional splurges are okay, but the keyword is : occasional!)


  • LISTEN to inspirational/motivational/spiritual podcasts (I love my girl, Joyce Meyer!) 
  • READ the Bible
  • Church!!!

I'm sure that my list will grow but this is what I have to start out with. I've made it to Day 3 and so far, so good! 

I think my favorite has been yoga. I am in love! Too bad my Groupon will expire next month, but I will try to continue at home. Can you say, YouTube? I love this online yogi: Flow with Adee

I also discovered some new Latin music!

  1. Reencuentro by Dayan
  2. Yo Sรจ by Ben Carrilo
  3. Uh La La by Xantos
  4. Anywhere Contigo ft. King Los by Breakfast N Vegas & Jhoni "The Voice"
  5. Mi Gente by J Balvin & Willy William 

As I mentioned, blogging and branding are included in my challenge so you will be hearing from me more and seeing more posts on my IG: @myahnaomi

I would love to hear about your own challenges and your progress!!! Tell me about it!